The Pledge

What is the pledge?

The Seamless Pledge is a challenge for sewists who want to break out of the fast fashion cycle and spend more time sewing stuff instead. People who don’t sew can join in too, by pledging to buy second-hand clothing.

Get involved!

Pledges are more fun with more people, so get involved! Here’s a button you can use on your blog and on social media.

It’s simple to join up. Comment with your name, your blog (if you have one) and how long you’re signing up for. Once you’ve done that, add the button to your blog using this code:

[a href=”; target=”_blank”>[img src=”; alt=”The Seamless Pledge” /]</a] (replace the [ ] with < >)

Replace brackets with < and stick it in a textbox widget on your blog, and/or save the image and post the following to your social network of choice:

I (insert your name here) am taking the #seamlesspledge until (length of time here). 

If you like, you can write a longer pledge with specific goals you want to achieve. It’s up to you – this is a personal challenge, so it’s about what you want to achieve more than anything.

The rules

  1. No buying new clothes for the duration of your pledge. By new, I mean any new mass-manufactured clothes.
  2. You can buy second-hand manufactured clothes – so be prepared to get to know your local charity shops awfully well.
  3. Vintage clothing is a-ok! Obviously, given it’s second-hand.
  4. There are some things which are a little more time-consuming or complicated to make – like bras – which are tougher to add into the pledge. It’s totally fine to make exceptions for things like foundation garments.
  5. Anything you’ve made by hand is definitely allowed. Get your sewing machines and your kntting needles out!
  6. Get involved! Use #seamlesspledge on Instagram, or tag me @elenacresci.

212 thoughts on “The Pledge

    • adri h. says:

      I’d like to join your seamless pledge… the only amendment I’ll likely make is bras. I’m not a skilled enough seamstress to promise I won’t buy this specific RTW item should all my current ones fail in some way. 😀
      Otherwise, I’m happy to push my 2012 craft-life into high-gear!
      You can follow my adventures in DIY here:
      Where am I? Currently in Munich, but soon I’ll be in Amsterdam.

    • Elena Cresci says:

      I had this very conversation with some people yesterday! I think I’m going to have to make underwear an exception, purely because I definitely can’t sew bras and second hand underwear is not a great thought!! I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide what you want to do with regards to underwear! If you do fancy sewing your own, there are a few tutorials online which will tell you how to do that 🙂

      Hope that answers your question! I’ll post an FAQ at some point as well haha.

      • Elena Cresci says:

        Yay! Just working on getting an embed code so you can stick it easily on your blog and I’ll stick it in the post! Great to have you on board 🙂

      • Elena Cresci says:

        [a href=”” target=”_blank”>[img src=”” alt=”The Seamless Pledge” /]</a]

        Replace brackets with < and stick it in a textbox widget on your blog and you should be good to go 😀

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m in! Great idea, I’m on a tight budget until next June or so, this is a great way to save some money 🙂 . I’m also pledging my 16 month old – we’ll both be wearing handmade and second hand clothing.

  2. Miss Katie says:

    Hi Elena! I just read about you blog over at So Zo What do you know? and I felt I had to comment. Over at my own blog The Little Red Squirrel I have been doing exactly what your pledge is all about for almost a year now (I can’t believe how fast that’s gone!) and I can honestly say I have never been happier. I make my own clothes, thrift, buy vintage, and I must say not only an I more creatively stimulated and satisfied than I have been in a long time but I don’t think my wardrobe has ever been more full of outfits that I actually want to wear and love to wear. Ever had the sense that your wardrobe is full to bursting but you have nothing to wear? I used to, but after this year, not so much! I just wanted to say how brilliant I think it is that you are taking this pledge and are encouraging others to do it too, I’m sure you’re going to love it even though it’s a challenge. Best wishes and good luck! Katie 🙂

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Wow, that’s brilliant! I’ll give you an email now, but I’d love it if you could do a guest post about your experiences if you have the time 🙂 great to hear your pledge has been going well and thank you for the luck!

  3. Vicki Kate says:

    I’m in. From now until my 31st birthday by which time I hope it’ll be a lifestyle change! I’m going to have to exempt the underwear (although I’ll have a go at knickers) as my girls do need scaffolding and lots of FBAs! I’ll get my post done this evening. Big thanks to Zoe for pointing me in your direction!

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Agreed on the underwear front – I’ve been meaning to do a post about that, or at least an FAQ. I also wear a lot in the way of tights, so I’m going to have to research that one to figure it out haha! Welcome on board 🙂

  4. Far says:

    Hi Elena! I too found you from Zoe’s blog and think that this is great! I’m still new in the self sewing department (but I do have a size-able fabric stash to work through) and I do love thrifting (a bit too much) so this will be an awesome challenge to join! I just realized what I used to like about “fast fashion” as you call it is not necessarily the clothes themselves, but the lure of the beautifully decorated, nice smelling boutiques – and leaving with shopping bags. I’m sure somebody studied the psychology of consumers and apply them when designing the malls to lure us in!
    Good luck everyone! 🙂 Far

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Hello! Lovely to have you onboard, don’t think you can ever love thrifting too much 😉 totally agree on the full bag psychology of it all. Nothing better than rifling through your goodies at the end of a shopping day!

      As for the badge – go to edit your post and delete the html code for the tag. Once you’ve done that, change your posting mode from ‘compose’ to ‘edit HTML’ (there should be a little tab on the right hand side of the square you type in). Then paste the code and update the post. This should sort it!

      If not, save the image onto your desktop and upload it to blogger as an image and make the image a hyperlink to 🙂

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have anymore trouble!

  5. Andrea says:

    I just heard about your Seamless Pledge from Zoe’s blog. I’m so in! I’ve been meaning to challenge myself to living like this for a while so what better time than the present. I will be posting about this in a few days ( and plan on signing up for a year from January 1 to December 31, 2012. I’m not on Facebook but will follow your blog as well as the flickr group. Thanks for organizing this!

    • Elena Cresci says:

      That’s a nice time frame, like a New Year’s Resolution 🙂

      Not a problem at all – am glad there are more people on board to join in.

  6. Rozann says:

    Just found you today via Debi’s blog. ( This is just the jump start I need to get sewing again! Thanks for the invitation. I began sewing 40 years ago, but for the past twenty I’ve done mostly costumes for my five children and clothes for my one daughter. Now it’s my turn again. I have a fabulous stash, some lovely patterns and time! I’ll be posting my creations on my blog as I finish them. Thanks again!

  7. ursula says:

    i’m in, too, and i will take the pledge until the end of 2010. i will not trawl through charity shops (i don’t even know whether they exist here in northern italy) but i hopefully will reduce my fabric stash. oh, and please excuse my poor english. i am hopelessly out of practice.

  8. Kirsty says:

    Hi Elena,

    I am so in! I just blogged my pledge this morning. This is perfect timing for me, I desperately need to save money & I’ve been trying to streamline my wardrobe into something more cohesive & multi-use. Having something that makes me think about what I have and what I need to make is great.

    Kirsty 🙂

  9. Layla says:

    I’m so in, and so excited that you have motivated so many people to do this. I have been doing this for almost two years now and have been trying to use my persuasive, teaching and sewing skills to motivate others but this is really amazing. Yay for saying no to rabid consumerism and yes to creative beauties!

  10. Jean says:

    I’ve found your blog via Google – I’ve been trying to find the sewing blogosphere as I am just starting up a sewing blog!

    I’m going to start 1st January until my birthday, 31st of January. If it goes well I will try and stick to vintage shopping (as well as buying mass stuff)!


  11. sunshineskies says:

    What a great idea! I love it! I think I’ve bought way too many clothes this year and I need to stop. So, I pledge that I won’t buy any mass produced clothes (except for the underwear) until June 1st, six months.

  12. Brianna says:

    This is such an amazing idea!! I’m going to do this as my new years resolution 🙂 I have a son on the way and i figure this will definitely help me save some money. I have a LONG list of tutorials i’ve been dying to do and now I can! SOO EXCITED!!

  13. Maria says:

    Taking a pledge like this takes commitment, but with so many ladies on board to encourage you, I don’t think it would be hard.

    I am in! I am taking the pledge from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. Phew – this is quite a challenge for me! I am an intermediate sewer that has stopped sewing for awhile, but I think this is the best way to nourish my creative side of my life 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Thank you !


    My blog…

  14. Barbara says:

    I love this idea! I found you through The Sew Weekly, a wonderful outlet for my new adventures in sewing. Your idea of pledging not to buy anything new (except for underwear) is fantastic. I’m up for the challenge. I’d like to try to go the whole year!

  15. cassandra says:

    I’m in! My concern was the undergarments, and now that the rule was amended, I am 100% confident that I can join the pledge! Cheap, mass-manufacturing of questionable clothing has been a concern of mine recently. In addition to the poor working conditions in the factories, quality garment making has become an undervalued and unrecognized skill/profession. I hope this mindset towards quality and appreciation changes soon. Quality over quantity.

  16. Juliet says:

    I’m in! My mindset has been heading down this path for a while so it’s nice for me to know that there are others out there who have already done this (and that it is achieveable). I’ll do iot for three months to start out with – so to the end of March 2012.

    I have a few exceptions: I’m off on a big holiday for 5 weeks during this time, so I will be buying things! At all times I will go for hand- or at least locally-designed and made, and will avoid mass produced stuff. I will buy fabric as a souvenir and will buy gifts from stall holders where I have spoken with the people who made the item themselves.

    I’m also going to buy bras and socks, but will try to make my own panties.

  17. gail says:

    Hi Elena! Thanks for hosting this challenge!

    I’ve been contemplating doing it since my friend Andrea (above) signed up, and I think I’m finally ready to take the leap. I’m going to commit to 6 months beginning on Jan. 1, 2012, and will post on my blog about it on that date. If that goes well, I may extend it for another 6 months, but . . . baby steps!

  18. Barbara says:

    Thanks for including me in your blog! I’m very flattered to see my creation along with so many other fine outfits. For your pledge map, I’m from willits, ca, USA. Happy new year!

  19. Brittany Cole says:

    I am Brittany Cole and I am taking the Seamless Pledge! I am in Santa Fe, NM, USA. My blog is I am even going to try and take The Seamless Pledge one step farther… I am only going to sew from my stash unless I need lining or more muslin. I have so much fabric so I figure this is a good time to use it =) Thanks so much for the inspiration. I am going to do this until March 31st and see how it goes!

  20. Tina says:

    I am so in! One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be a more conscientious consumer and NOT buy any mass-produced clothing (it neither fits nor flatters). So this is the perfect reminder and yet one more way to hold me accountable to myself.

    Tina Crossgrove
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  21. Scruffybadger says:

    Hi Elena, You’ve seen I’m in too – I tried to leave a comment on your blog yesterday but I’m battling some internet tech problems & lost it!
    So, I’m pledging to not buy any ready to wear (except sportswear) & make my own clothing for the next 12 months, with a review to continue each year (because we never know how life could change …)

    Not up to making my own sportswear yet & the idea of buying second hand running gear is too eugh!

    I blog over at
    and live in Bath, not all that far from you. I am loving your blog by the way & will continue to follow your exploits 🙂

  22. Wendy says:

    I’m in! I pledge not to buy any new clothes (except underwear and workout gear) during 2012. If I can’t make it I can’t have it:)
    I’m in Luxembourg

  23. Bree says:

    I, Bree, pledge not to buy any new clothes, except under garments and work out stuff, until I reach my goal weight of 150. I can’t wait! I’m in Tustin, CA, USA.

  24. Jessie says:

    I, Jessie Roy, am taking the Seamless Pledge until the last day of classes for this semester, May 1. Since I can’t remember the last time I bought new clothes (last August?), I’d like to make this harder by challenging myself to make my own lingerie. Possible exception: bras, if I find them too far beyond my skill level. I may even learn to knit. WHAT.

  25. Joy says:

    I, Joy, pledge not to buy any new clothes (except undergarments and workout clothes) until 2013. I’m in Dallas, TX. Thanks for such a great idea!

  26. Jennifer Hopkins says:

    I, Jennifer Hopkins, take the Seamless pledge-minus undergarments. I will follow this pledge until we are completely caught up from moving and I no longer have late fees on my bills from miscalculating due dates.
    Fernley, NV

  27. Maddie says:

    I absolutely love this idea. We all buy way to much frivolous and unnecessary clothing. This pledge would help me (and others) appreciate each and every garment that we own much more!

  28. Jeanne says:

    Gosh … I can’t remember when I bought a new cloth last time, probably a bathing suit two years ago ?!!
    I want to join you until the summer begins – July 1rst -, maybe now that I realize it, I will HAVE to buy some ?
    My blog is :
    I’m living in La Défense, Paris, France.

  29. Tracy says:

    I think this is a great idea. Now I have unsubscribed from all the sale emails I get from shops to make it even easier. I started last month but am making it official now. I’ve been inspired to better my sewing, just started in January. I will participate until Dec. 31, 2012. I imagine this will also help me get rid of some debt. 🙂

  30. beebeesvintagedress says:

    I am deciding to take the pledge! A house of our own is more important than clothes. I blog at x

  31. Juliet says:

    I’m back again!

    I, Juliet – the Crazy Gypsy – pledge to continue to ignore the mall and to dream up, make, re-fashion, thrift-shop and create my own wardrobe until the end of 2012. Exclusions are given to items I am unable to make myself such as underwear, socks, shoes and similar items. In addition, I will seek to gently, non-preachily educate people on why I have chosen to make my own clothing, and the benefits that a sewing machine can bring to one’s life.

  32. thecraftyasian says:

    I love this! I want to take this pledge, but I’m working on a couple projects that are sucking up all my time, and I’m worried I won’t have time to make or modify clothes until I’m done with those. Can I make the pledge in a couple months? I feel like such a cheater that way, though.

    • Elena Cresci says:

      It’s entirely up to you 🙂 I know the feeling though, I was a little ambivalent about starting it when I did just because I knew I’d have little time to sew because of my course, but I have so many clothes it really wasn’t an issue. It’s up to you if you want to take the plunge now or a bit later though. Thanks for visiting!

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Thanks so much! Cardiff is a brilliant city isn’t it? You’re more than welcome to join – the pledge is still going. I’ve technically finished mine, but am planning to carry on with it.

  33. thecraftyasian says:

    OK, I’m in! I thought about this some more, and I can do this. I’m going to take the pledge until September 30, 2012. Until then I’m not going to buy any new clothes with the exception of tees for screenprinting and things I can’t make like sweaters, undies, and swimwear. My blog is I’m in Tallahassee, Florida.

  34. roxyboots says:

    This is such a fab idea, no wonder you have so many people pledging! I have followed you as I want to start doing more by hand myself. I am hoping to get a sewing machine soon so as soon as I have got one I will pledge too!

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Go for it! If you check on eBay, you can usually get some good machines for second-hand. I had a sweet sewing machine from the 80s (at a guess) while I lived in Germany and it was so sturdy. I miss it a little bit!

  35. polythenepam says:

    I am in. I am determined to use the masses of fabric I have in the attic before I buy anything new – except for knickers. Lucky I just got two new bras.

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Yay! Welcome onboard, I’m sure you’ll do grand 🙂 I really like the concept of your blog by the way – after working in Lush, I think a lot about how much plastic I use. Have you seen their solid products? Their solid shampoos and the like are really good if you’re trying to live plastic-free and they last absolutely ages.

  36. Agneta - Mrs Bao says:

    I’m thinking – I would like to. But what about the rest of the family? Do I have to make their clothes too? The kids maybe ok, but shirts for my husband? oh god. I think I’d prefer making underwear than making their clothes too. As I said. I’m thinking – I would like to. 🙂

    • Elena Cresci says:

      Hi! Well, it’s completely up to you really – if you want to sign up but it’s too much to get the rest of the family commit then that’s fine. The pledge isn’t super strict – for example, I do buy new underwear, tights and shoes at the moment. The featured pledger this week is actually a Mum and her kids aren’t part of her pledge anymore – sometimes it’s just not feasible for you to be making clothes for your whole family as well as yourself! If it helps, I still buy second hand clothes (albeit not very often) so there’s always that option too. The best thing to do is make the pledge your own 🙂

      • Agneta - Mrs Bao says:

        that makes sense, I think I’m gonna “allow” myself to skip the other family and only sew for myself with the bargaining that I also sew underwear, maybe not a bra though, they never turn out good. :/ But I recently like the Betty High Waist pantie pattern from Oh lulu… Panties are the easiest! 🙂

      • Agneta - Mrs Bao says:

        Did I mention I’m in? 🙂 September 1st – March 1st. I’ll be buying socks and MAYBE a bra, but other underwear I’ll be making, I’ll try to make a bra as well but we’ll see about that, I can’t seem to find the right size. :/

      • punkmik says:

        aww thank you! I will have some “in action” shots of the macaron coming up soon. M;ore on that later! 😛 I am glad you like it though!
        Will do! ooo so daunting but exciting! 😀 It is a great project you started! 🙂

  37. MariaDenmark says:

    I, Maria of MariaDenmark: Wool & Weeds, am taking the seamless pledge for one year until November 1st 2013. In this time, I will not buy any new clothes except underwear, tights and socks. Instead I will sew or knit all my clothes or buy from second hand stores and flea markets. This also includes shoes and boots. The only exception is during my vacation in Bali in April. I will do a special blog post at the end of each month, to keep a record of how I’m doing.

  38. adriprints says:

    I did it! In 2012 I didn’t buy any items of clothing that I couldn’t make – just bought a pair of compression running socks. I may do a more relaxed version for 2013. Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. P. E. Hudson says:

    I am taking the pledge Elena – great idea – I blog about it on I’m a garment sewing enthusiast.

    I don’t thrift (and I live in thrift heaven “Vintage Ventura” outside LA). So, I gotta get sewing.

  40. Liz Chaisson Thompson says:

    Elena, the timing on my reading this post is wonderful! I’ve been trying to wear only me-made pieces to work (excluding undergarments, shoes and tights) – and this seems to be the next logical step!

    I’m taking the pledge (excluding undergarments, shoes and tights/hose) for the year of 2013. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I found you through My blog is shesewsseams,

    Happy New Year!

  41. Emilee Jane Tombs says:

    I am making the pledge, I’m a new blogger living in Cardiff (I’m doing the magazine strand of the course you did last year at Cardiff) love the blog. I would liek to make an amendment – I will be pledging for 6 months to not buy any new clothes (bar underwear) at all unless I have first sold something on Ebay to fund the new purchase. If I can last 6 months then I will maybe push for longer!

  42. SteffyKat says:

    Hello.. Finding this blog has come exactly at the right moment.. I am in the process of putting up a Charter of 2013 (not resolutions) onto my blog and one was to stop spending money frivolously. This is perfect. I am pledging that I will not buy any new clothes until my credit cards are paid off, which I am hoping to do by the end of 2013. My blog is I am a new blogger who lives in Sydney, Australia. Would you believe that I just took delivery of a new book today on Patternmaking for underwear design, so I won’t be buying undies….steff

  43. Sarah says:

    Count me in, except for underwear and socks – though I am working on perfecting a bra pattern and want to try undies. I pledge to the end of the year. Just thought, 2 non-thrifted pairs of shoes as I have dodgy feet so thrifted isn’t good!

  44. Annei says:

    I’m signing up for at lest 2013 but are hoping to pledge a Life Time.
    I do all that you have as the rules for my self normally already, however I am also signing up my family with out them knowing, I’ll sew all my son’s winter pj and tracksuit paints (I’m sick of having to add elastic and take in all his pants at the waist) and most of the boys boxers, from strong stain.
    I am going to be blogging about it all at

  45. Åsa says:

    I’m taking the pledge for the remainder of 2013. Only hand crafted or thrifted clothes, except socks and undies, until next year?! Gulp!

  46. Lucy Lovell says:

    Hello! I have just come across your lovely blog and the awesome idea of the pledge 🙂
    I, Lucy Lovell, am taking the seamless pledge until I drop 2 dress sizes (from a UK 16 to a 12) and after I have fulfilled this goal I will be reassessing and pledging further!
    My location is Lincoln so you can add me to the map please xxx

  47. eumoronorio says:

    I love this. I live in Brazil and my sewing blog is I am so happy that people the world over are trying to better their lives, their planet and their wallets!

  48. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I’m Rebecca from Sew Pomona in Naples, FL and I’m taking the #seamlesspledge until January 2015! Excited to do this for the New Year! What a great idea!

  49. liera says:

    Because I am such a tiny person, finding clothes is difficult, so going a year or more without buying clothes new or used, is pretty common for me. Glad other people are joining the bandwagon, but look better than I do while not shopping! 🙂

  50. lagilyard says:

    I’m in for life. I don’t intend to buy anything new for myself as I love being able to sew for myself and have everything fit and flatter me. If it doesn’t fit, I can fix it. If my attempts at underwear work out well, I may not even have to buy them 🙂

    My blog is

  51. akramsideas says:

    I have decided to take this pledge and vow not to buy any new clothes between now and the end of the spring semester Jan 12 thru May 15 and instead only sew new fashionable wears!

  52. Catherine Bongard says:

    I am not sure if this is still running, but I am taking the pledge from April’16 through to Christmas 2016. I have just watched the true cost on Netflix and then found your blog, it’s such a good idea.

  53. Angela & Maya says:

    Hi! I just used this tutorial on a back-to-school dress for my eleven year old, named Maya. I unofficially made this pledge 6 years ago when I resorted to making everything by necessity: Easter was coming fast, we were broke and she needed a bunny and dress! The bunny idea multiplied and grew into an etsy shop of organic bunnies. Other animals followed. I still make her dresses and love to talk about them and share pictures on our DIY Blog of sewing, gardening and up-cycled art projects. I officially take this pledge now (unless I get rich enough to afford the quality I admire) and vow to continue making everything, up-cycling or second hand thrifting everything we wear. Cheers!

  54. Liz at In Stitches Daily says:

    I’m taking the pledge for a year, so I won’t buy anything new, with the exception of underwear and ?socks, but I’m aiming to start making underwear and hopefully I can knit some socks before I need any new ones.

    My blog is

  55. Viv says:

    I sew 95% of my wardrobe already but I will take the pledge as a reminder to myself just in case I go AWOL to my favourite shop Cos. But I will look at the website for inspiration

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