Me Made May 2018

Me Made May logo: I've signed up for #MMMay18!

How is it May already? I feel like it comes around quicker every year. And every May, I think, next year… next year I will be prepared with a closet full of fabulous makes I have no qualms about whatsoever. Yet by the time May comes around, due to life in general and my sewing revolving around special occasions rather than day-to-day necessities, I’m never nearly as prepared as I want to be.

So this year, I want my pledge to be a little different. Yes, I will aim to wear at least one me-made thing a day. I’d love to be going the full gamut by now but, between a charity boxing match and making the decision to go freelance, I haven’t quite had the time to create that dream me-made closet.

But perhaps with my amended pledge, I can get a little closer. So yes, as always, I’ll be trying to wear things I’ve made. Outfit documentation depends on how much time I have/how willing I am to put on make up that day… But my key focuses will be to:

  1. Get making those basics I’ve been afraid of. Namely, by the end of this month I want to have made at least 5 basics I can slot into my wardrobe.
  2. One of these garments has to be a pair of trousers!! I am TERRIFIED of making trousers because I feel like I’m going to mess up. So by the end of this month, I hope to have a pair of me-made trousers. Maybe two? Erk!
  3. I want to refashion at least one me-made I no longer wear. Whether that’s fixing a zipper or completely ripping the whole thing apart. There’s no point in them hanging in my wardrobe, unworn and unloved.

Happy May Day everyone! Are you signing up for Me Made May this year? (Check out Zoe’s post on it here if you don’t know what I’m on about)

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